Chiropractic care is a great way to get your family on track to overall wellness, starting with the pregnant mother and continuing through birth, childhood, and beyond. During pregnancy, many hormonal and structural changes are occurring in the mother and baby. These are all coordinated by the nervous system. Pregnancy is an important time to have your nervous system responding appropriately to meet the needs of the mother and child. Many women will experience low back pain during pregnancy due to the many biomechanical changes that happen as their center of gravity shifts with the growing baby.

Dr. Kayla Ellison is certified to use a special assessment and adjustment protocol with pregnant women called Webster Technique. When the sacrum is misaligned, it can cause undue tension to the ligaments and musculature in the pelvis, particularly the round ligament, as it gets stronger and wider in pregnancy. By using Webster Technique, pelvic mobility and function are improved, thus optimizing fetal positioning and labor progression. Women who have had chiropractic care throughout their pregnancy report faster and more comfortable deliveries compared to previous ones without chiropractic care.

At Ellison Family Chiropractic, we take special precautions with you throughout your pregnancy. We utilize special pregnancy pillows so you can lie on your stomach during your visit, as well as modify adjusting techniques during each stage of your pregnancy. You and your growing child will be in good hands!