DOT Medical Examinations

Dr. Kayla Ellison is a Certified Medical Examiner through the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME) and in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association’s (FMCSA) 2012 ruling that all DOT medical examiners be certified.  The ruling requires healthcare professionals who perform medical examinations for interstate truck and bus drivers to be trained, tested, and certified on the specific driver’s qualifications (49 CFR 391) that affect a driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle.  Dr. Ellison’s primary goal is to ensure public safety.

We perform the DOT medical examination for only $125 per exam.  We know that the life of a commercial driver can be a busy one.  Your time is valuable and we respect that.  Your exam will be done in a timely fashion so you can be back on your way.

The medical examination is required for commercial drivers every 2 years (more often in some cases) to determine whether a driver is safe to do the duties of his/her job and to be on the road.  It includes a health history, comprehensive physical examination (including vision, hearing, and blood pressure), lab work, consultation with other providers (as needed), assessment of driver safety, health counseling of the driver, and proper documentation/reporting.  Upon successful completion of the examination process, the driver will be issued a Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

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Kayla Ellison, DC

DOT National Registry Number: 4035474656